Extreme Weight Loss Program

Cleansing Waters Extreme Weight Loss Program incorporates several of its weight loss services that is an effect comprehensive method to help clients lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days. Starting with Colon Hydrotherapy, B-12 / Lipovite injections and a carefully selected weight loss diet regimine designed to boosts energy and helps to increase activity levels, ultimately resulting in weight loss.

The environment is surrounded by toxic compounds which directly or indirectly enter our systems. There are many hydrotherapy techniques which will affect your weight, sense vitality and health. The cleansing waters 4 wellness therapy is able to cleanse the body and also the mind. Once you finish the cleansing waters 4 wellness sessions, your body will be cleaner hence will be able to absorb more nutrients.

Even though you might be taking the cleansing waters 4 wellness therapy sessions, your body will be the dictating factor on how much you will detox. Therefore, you should ensure that the kidneys, liver and lungs perform at their optimum efficiency. There are some ingredients that can come in handy when detoxifying our body system.

Beet water

It has been found that beets can help thin bile hence facilitating its flow to the liver. This in turn makes the liver to work more efficiently. It might also be as good idea to combine beets with mint and a little lime. They encourage more bile to flow to the duodenum.


Fruits such as apples and oranges contain a substance called pectin which binds heavy metals such as mercury. Once the metals are bound, the body flushes them out easily.

Sources of toxins

There are two major sources of toxins – the environment and metabolism process in our bodies. The environmental toxins are the ones which are made outside the body. They will access our systems via food, water and air.

The metabolic toxins are made inside the body. however, both sources of toxins are linked to each other. For instance, if there is a cleaner environment, the food, air and water will be much cleaner hence what we take in will be healthier.

The cleansing waters 4 wellness treatment is one of the best gifts that one can grant his/her body. You want to live longer and healthier? Well…there is the best way forward.

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